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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by! I believe that you and I are meant to cross each other’s path.

Hi, my name is Angel Alvaro. I am a life accelerator psychic coach, medium and energy healer and a Master Manifestor 🙂

I am happily married to my soul mate and best friend - very loving and supportive husband whom I met online in Rome, Italy, with 2 wonderful kids, a daughter and a son.


My goal is to support you, as a woman and spiritual entrepreneur to manifest the life and business that you absolutely love through life accelerator psychic coaching and energy healing.

I believe that you can be, do and have anything you dream or desire when you found and embrace your true life’s purpose and have all the tools you need to succeed.

powerful intuitive coaching

Angel is an amazing coach, amazing leader who has huge and tremendous effect on our women’s community.

Angel has been a pivotal part of the growth in our community that has grown all over the world. Feedback is coming in daily on the impact she’s had on people’s lives.

Whatever video you’re watching right now, whatever she’s offering you, take her up on it because it won’t be available for long because people are starting to see the immediate benefit of what she’s teaching and manifesting the Universe to work in our favour to ultimately change your life.

I am honoured to get to know her, I am super excited to get to work with her, to get to do live events with her. I feel that I have learned so much from her which started as the other way around so it’s a pretty cool story there.

Definitely recommending you get plug in with Angel. You can hire her as a personal coach and your life, love life and your bank account will definitely thank you.

Layla Black, Founder of The Women's Connection

Before I go any further, may I share a little bit of my story with you so that you may understand that life was not always like this.

Ever wonder why your Journey doesn't seem to simple like the others?

Why you struggled to fit in?

I'm going to be very vulnerable with all of you and share with one of my darkest places in life.

This has been a journey for me in these past few weeks as I had to summon great courage to get back to this scary place that I've buried so deep I vowed never to go back to but the Universe knows how to bring me back there now that I've done so much work on myself and is now ready for this moment in order to heal myself completely and to heal you and others in the process.

I was born in poverty, we're lucky to have 3 meals daily, my mom had to make 1 egg and 1 cup of rice to feed 10 people.

She's always told me to be resourceful while growing up, find ways so I won't starve, find ways so I can get get ahead of life.


I watched her worked so hard even when she's sick, get up to work in the fields the day after she gave birth to my siblings because my dad was nowhere to be found, only to find out later on that he was drunk and spent all the money from the harvest in gambling and drinking and womanizing.

He'd come home with a bag of candy instead of milk for me and my sister.

My mom had to get the water from the rice after it's boiled to give me and my sister as milk with some salt in it.

There were days when we had to eat diluted rice porridge with only salt in it. I thought life was so harsh.

My mom was so busy taking care of us, the house, the little store she had, the rice field and the animals...that she literally has no time for herself.

It hurts so much watching her that way.

At a very young age, I vowed to do what I could to help her.

I fucking lost my childhood and I blame it to poverty and my dad who never knew how to handle money but very good at bragging and spending money for his friends and other people but never to us.

I learned to cook rice and wash dishes, clean the house, do laundry and watch my sister from age 2.

I didn't know how to be a kid at all.

I didn't know how to play...

Or laugh...
Or had fun...

There was no play time for me as a child because I vowed to help my mom in any way. I always chose to stay behind with my mom when everyone went on vacation.

I grew up in a very negative and abusive environment physically, emotionally, verbally.

My father beats me up all the time with his favourite leather belt for the mistakes of my siblings because according to him it was my fault why they did what they did or I was not being a good role model.

I can vividly remember the pain in my butt that lasts for weeks that I can't even sit because my butt hurts so much.

He tortured me with his disappointment of not having a son for a first born.

He'd always tell me he wished I was I boy because boys are far worthy than girls and can do so many things that girls can't.

He'd always shout at me and my mom. Whenever I made mistakes, he'll beat me up then go to my mom, shout at her and blame her that's she's not doing her job as a mom.

He'd tell us we're both fucking disappointment every chance he could.

I grew up always trying to prove myself to him that I can do anything that a boy can.

I became a tomboy and hang out with boys, dress up like a boy, even behave and act like a boy.

I even learned to shoot his .45mm gun and wished to used it on him.

I hated myself because no matter what I did, I was worth nothing to him unless it's worth bragging about to his friends like being top 3 in school all the time and if I lost a spot in top 3 or top 5, I'm dead.

I was raped by a distant relative at the age of 5.

I can still vividly remember the place he brought me, it's under a giant tree in the forest far enough for anyone to hear my scream. He had a knife pointed at my neck so I wouldn't 't scream and tied my hands so I couldn't do anything.

I was crying and begging him to stop whatever he's doing. He didn't care...

I was in so much pain that I wished to die that time.

When he's done, He told me he'd kill me and my mom if I dare told anyone what he did to me.

He brought me near our home and threatened me again to keep quiet about it or else...

I went home walking and crying in pain, shaking and scared.

I had to forced myself to stop crying before i went inside our house ever so quietly so no one would hear me or see me.

When my mom tried to give me a bath, I said no because I'm afraid she'd find out what happened.

I told her I'm sick so that she can't give me a bath but then I really got sick, I had a fever probably because of what happened.

The guy still comes to our house and sometimes eat there, would look at me with threat and evil smile and I would be so scared.

I was raped again when I was 7 years old, this time by my cousin who's a year older than me who was in our house for a vacation.

I was so confused and scared.

And at that age, I felt filthy and hated men and myself.

I hated my father for not being able to protect me.

I hated him for not being there when I needed him...

One night, he came home drank and I saw him raped my mom so I had this belief for the longest time that men only wants women for sex that's all.

That I'm really not important if not for my vagina.

When we moved to a new town, a neighbour sexually abused me at age 11.



Another relative who's supposed to watch over us sexually abused me while sleeping.

I woke up with him on top of me and my pants down...

I was screaming but his hands were covering my mouth and he trapped me.

The only way I was able to escape from him was when I had a chance to bit him hard in the shoulder.

I ran to my siblings' bedroom and stayed with them so he couldn't go near me.

I told my brother who was only 3 at the time to stay with me all the time and never leave me or else something bad will happen to me.

I'd always carry a small knife with me till he left our house.

I thought I was living in hell at the time and all men are demons.

I vowed to never get hurt or abused by men from that time onwards.

I carry a butterfly knife with me everywhere I go even in bed.

It's the only way I feel protected.

I toughen myself up and learned self-defense moves to protect myself.

I vowed to hurt and use men to my advantage.

So I had boyfriend when I was in university but only for my own benefits- has a car, generous and spends for me no problem.

He'd been asking me to have sex with him but I always said no.

We went to a disco one Friday night with friends dancing and drinking. At some point that night, a waiter gave me a Special drink he said from someone who loves me and pointed at my then boyfriend at the time.

I said thank you and took it, felt dizzy after drinking half of it and can't remember anymore what had happened...

and what did I know!!!

I woke up with gruelling headache the next day next to my then boyfriend in his pad covered only in blankets.

What the fuck?!

Clearly I was raped yet again!!!

What a fucking life do I have?!

I was so furious that I beat him up and what he did was ask me to marry him.


Over my dead body.

Oh I hated him and my life...

I ended our relationship that day.

Oh wait...

It got better because my menstrual period never came and started noticing changes in my body...

What the fuck is going on?!

I got pregnant from that fucking rape!!!

In my mind, I knew I would never have the baby no matter what, I just couldn't.

I vowed not to have kids after what I'd been through and what Kind of life o saw from my mom and other women while growing up so there's no way this was happening to me.

Depressed and lost as to what should I do, I contacted my ex-boyfriend who was responsible for it.

I told him I got pregnant from that night and he really wanted to marry me but it's a NO!

So he found someone who can help me abort my pregnancy.

Yes, you read that right, and yes I went for an abortion paid by him.

This has been a guilt I've been carrying with me for about 20 years.

After University, I was brought to the emergency because of crazy high fever and in delirium for few days. Doctor found out I had dengue fever caused by mosquitoes. Doctor said if I was not brought to the hospital that day, I would've been dead at age 19. I had to have blood transfusion and thought was lucky to be alive.

When I got better, I went looking for a job in the city or anywhere far from my father.

I applied for work in Taiwan and got hired. I was pretty excited because i thought I'd be starting a new life there.

But it seems like bad luck and hardships is there to follow me and never to spare me.

The company I was in contract with housed us in a private dormitory where we were treated like animals.

The dormitory management steals more than half of our meal allowance and feeds us with meals that look and tasted like food for pigs. So we bought rice and chocolate malt powder and sprinkle that in our rice so we can eat.

I had my lowest weight of 95 lbs after only 4 months in Taiwan due to malnutrition and lack of sleep. Because of the abuse we've been experiencing, decided to ran away.

During that ran away stint, there was a lot of tears along the way because fucking Taiwanese were so discriminating. I got screamed at every freak in day. I was belittled for quite a while till I learned to fight and talked back at them.

I've made Taiwanese friends in the process because I learned to speak their language very quickly.

One time, my friends and I went for a road trip to tour me around.

Of course we went drinking one night then we all Went to our hotel rooms.

One of the guys followed me in my room and said there's something he'd like to give me so I let him in.

He brought out a very nice diamond ring and I was liked, what the fuck was that for?

He was asking me to marry him... ding... ding...the answer is HELL NO!!!

He threw the ring to me... now we're a little drunk at that time, he forced me to have sex with him, luckily my self-defense moves came to the rescue so it was aborted.

He felt so guilty the next day that he confessed to our group what he did to me the other night and still gave me the diamond ring.

My friends took the ring since I didn't want to, sold it and gave me the money from it.

They said I deserved it.

I was hesitant in accepting the money because it felt like I was being paid for my silence and being a whore. But decided to take it, after all, I was almost abused. But friendship ended with that guy.

While in Taiwan, I had a premonition of me being in a fatal accident so I told my supervisor about it and won't be going to work the next day to let it pass but we were short of people and we had job to finished the next day. So I was forced to go to work and that day needed up very long, we finished at 2am. On the way home, riding my motorcycle, I saw a tunnel that's going to suck me in and it kept following me and all I knew was that there's 2 old couple helping me up because I was thrown out of the motorcycle, motorcycle was totalled. I had few scratches on my elbows and knees by my jacket and jeans had no holes at all. I had always carried a rosary in my pocket and when I checked it, it was cut at the intersection of the cross. Clearly, Jesus saved me That night. This is my second life now.

Some Filipinos got jealous of me and the fact that I could go anywhere and got paid higher than them so they reported me to the police for being illegal.

I was betrayed by people whom I thought were friends.

Lucky me, there was an agency who helped me to avoid jail time and still get my money from the company I ran away from.

So I went back home to the Philippines but not to our home. I stayed at a friend's house in Manila then started applying to other country again.

This time, I went to Cyprus, as a caregiver. There I was almost raped again.

Why the fuck is this fucking rape thing keeps on following me?

Honestly, I'm so angry at myself at that time because why couldn't I shake this rape thing off of me.

I'm tired of being a subject of sexual abuse and every kind of abuse there is.

I'm not even wearing provocative outfits so it can't be that.

It's as if this fucking dilemma just keeps following me wherever I go.

I can't seem to escape it or shake it off.

I left Cyprus and went to Rome, Italy and that's where I met my loving husband and soulmate.

While in Rome, I begun soul searching and begun my spiritual journey. I still didn't get the answers I was looking for as to why rape has been following me. At least it stopped in Rome...

Life was better in Rome. I was able to get a job with a month of arriving there with a salary that I asked for which was a rate for veterans there. Speaking Italian and very good English made it possible to command salary that I want.

I enjoyed my life being in Rome, touring whenever I can. I believed meeting my now husband online while in Rome was meant to be.


Who would've thought I would learn to love someone after the crazy shit stuff that had happened in my life...

After I immigrated to Canada, I went into severe depression, I was actually diagnosed with severe depression and given prescription medicines for it. I was in Severe depression for 3 years. Committing suicide was a very common thought I had at the time, crying all the time and felt like I was nothing and my life was useless... worthless...

I was hurting myself and my husband and our daughter, who's a baby at the time.

In 2014, I went through soul searching and massive re-awakening.

I was psychic and a medium as a kid, people I touched gets healed but pushed it away to fit in and so that people stopped calling me witch or demon...


I had strangers told me that I was an energy healer which was pretty crazy only to find out later on that those were
Messages being sent to me that I had been ignoring for a long time.

I also learned that whatever happened in my life, such as the multiple rapes and attempts, all the abuse, betrayals, severe depression was karmic lessons I was paying for and it'll keep on happening till I accept the lessons from them.

These experiences showed me how I had been powerless during those times, That I have lost my voice that resulted in me not speaking my truth, hiding behind a mask of pretension, living an inauthentic life. I had a huge breakthrough in my life.

And as I learned to picked myself up and my lessons, I’ve also learned to changed my perspective of life and men in general. And as a mom of to a daughter, I can now teach her and guide her to speak and live her truth, to never hide behind a mask of pretension, how to be brave, how to stand up for herself, to never tolerate any wrong situation and to never give in to fear or worry about judgement and criticism.

And as a mom to a son, I can now show him how to respect girls, to speak and live his truth all the time, to never hide behind a mask of pretension, how to be brave, how to stand up for himself, to never tolerate any wrong situation and to never give in to fear or worry about judgement and criticism. And as a mom, I am able to support my children in their highest and best way possible from all the lessons I’ve learned through my experiences.

It took me very long years to summon the courage to face this darkest place of my life and to share it in public with the intention of showing women who had been sexually abused or who have had that dark moment in their life that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And I can honestly say that I am completely healed from these traumatic memories and has no more attachment to them in any way.

I had learned to let go and be grateful for all the lessons I’ve received, for the strength and unique perspective I have about situations.

As a healer, I had to understand what it feels like to be in this situation in order to heal other women who's been through rape...


who's been broken into pieces...

who's been abused...

who's been into severe depression...

who’ve lost their voice...

who’s been powerless…

or else it would be out of integrity.

When I embraced being an energy healer(I came from a very long line of healers both sides of my family, more story about my journey as a healer another day), reawakened my psychic abilities, got connected with the Creator, I am now coming from a place of integrity.

As a coach, mentor and healer, I know not only how you feel, how it is to be powerless, to not have a voice and hide behind a mask that everything is okay, I know how to go there in that scariest, darkest place in your life, hold you by the hand to release those traumatic memories and to heal you at a very deep level so that you can start living your soul’s purpose, doing what you absolutely love and live your life according to your terms.

I am here to show you that it is possible to RISE TO THE TOP and embrace your greatness even if you've been broken multiple times just like I was, even if you’ve been through hell and back.

So, are you ready to feel whole again after so many years of being broken?

Of feeling incomplete?

Are you ready to claim your power and rise to the top?

Are you ready to start living your truth?

Are you ready to claim your voice back and speak your truth?

Are you ready to get healed from the trauma, betrayal, depression and pain and move forward?

Book your healing session with me now or book your breakthrough call and let's see we're a perfect match for coaching.

Looking forward to help you towards your healing journey.


Have you ever have that feeling?

Norva Samuel

Angel Alvaro is a phenomenal coach and mentor.

Before meeting Angel, I was in a state of overwhelm and stressed out about becoming success and living the life I want to live. Angel has helped me release some issues from the past.

She has helped me to get focused and intentional about the year ahead. I love that Angel shares her journey and how she has overcome challenges. I love Angel’s intuitive nature. I feel she truly understands me.

With Angel’s help, I now have more clarity and focus on what I need to do to get to where I need to go. I am filled with optimism and excited about life. I am enjoying my journey.  Thank you Angel!

Norva Samuel, Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

No matter what you do, God or Universe will do something to guide you to the right path that you’re meant to be. And if you choose to ignore those signs or messages then you will get hit by a cosmic 2 x 4 or maybe even 4 x 4! This was what happened to me.

In the past few years, I went through spiritual journey and got reconnected to my spiritual self and gifts again and it has been a blast since then.

I now know the answer to why I am here on earth and why I was having all those challenges in my life.

I now understand why it felt like I was being pushed away from whatever I was doing in the past.

I now understand why I had to go through all those experiences in my life, especially the negative and painful ones.

When I decided to fully embrace my true life’s purpose, everything fell into place. Everything became effortless and life is full of joy.

I invite you to start thinking about your life and dreams.

I invite you to look deep inside you and let your soul show you who you really are.

I invite you to listen to your intuition and follow it and trust that it will never sway you.

I invite you to book a free clarity call now and explore the option of how may I support you in your journey and to see if we're a match.

Angel Alvaro -powerful intuitive coaching

What people say about Angel Alvaro...!

Angel Alvaro is a phenomenal coach and mentor.

Before meeting Angel, I was in a state of overwhelm and stressed out about becoming success and living the life I want to live. Angel has helped me release some issues from the past.

She has helped me to get focused and intentional about the year ahead. I love that Angel shares her journey and how she has overcome challenges. I love Angel’s intuitive nature. I feel she truly understands me.

With Angel’s help, I now have more clarity and focus on what I need to do to get to where I need to go. I am filled with optimism and excited about life. I am enjoying my journey.  Thank you Angel!

Norva Samuel
Norva Samuel Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

"I will forever be thankful for her guidance and she will be forever a mentor in my life."

I met Angel Alvaro 3 months ago and in this short period of time, I have never been so blessed to be able to call her my friend and mentor. She is an amazing woman and she has an incredible gift. A gift that she does not gives herself enough credit for… I am excited for her to start this journey of empowering women to be the best versions of themselves, even before they realize it.

I am a prime example. Her teachings of releasing my past before pursuing this new year, really allowed me to let go of a lot of burden I was holding. Burden that I personally thought I had let go. Following her advice of purging everything that did not serve me, made me stress free and a warm feeling of happiness because I am excited for what the future will bring me. Her teaching of manifestation gave me sense of hope and belief in myself. Something I always struggled with.

powerful intuitive coaching
Denise Cardenas Entrepreneur Start Your Journey With Denise

Angel is a dedicated coach and healer. Angel has taught me so much in the short amount of time that she has been coaching me. I can't just point out one thing that she is great at because she has taken the time to fine tune her craft in so many areas.

It is clear that she is trained by the best and in alignment with her own spiritual guide. She always has me amazed when I finish a call or training with her. I am so grateful to have her as a coach. Thank you Angel for shining your light always.

Michal Hynson Certified Life Coach

Having gone through Angel's Training as a "New Year" program, I can say that you can do this anytime of the year. Why wait till January.

I have let go of so many fears & blocks through her guidance & tools she provides.. From decluttering my home & my mind. To setting intentions & goals for the first time in my life. With out doubt or fear.

Recognizing where I was holding myself back & now having Angel's tools no longer doing so. It has been a healing, humbling & truly amazing experience. My life, my body & my mind has a new breathe of life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ANGEL!!!

Heather Karwacki Testimonial For Angel Alvaro
Heather Karwacki Life Coach

I have had the pleasure of knowing Angel as a mentor, a leader and friend. She is one person who is full of positive energy that radiates to everyone around her. She helped me release all the negative energy that caused me not to progress for a long time.

I am now focused on what I need to get done and have made so much progress physically, mentally spiritually as well as business wise through her guidance. I highly encourage anyone looking for a mentor to look no further than Angel Alvaro.

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Siphosith Sithole Internet Marketer Siphositbiz
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